SmartHR’s wellbeing solutions can help to identify current levels of wellbeing within an organisation in order that effective Wellbeing Programmes can be created and implemented to boost overall company morale and wellness. Let us partner with you to keep wellbeing on the strategic agenda and implement frameworks to support your managers and staff in managing wellbeing in the workplace. 


What do we mean by Wellbeing?

Wellbeing Programmes continue to be as popular as ever, indeed, they have continued to evolve and can now be considered to be part of the strategic toolkit in the delivery of our businesses. Since the impact of Covid-19 has been felt, more specific, bespoke wellbeing programmes to meet the requirements of the organisation have been developed. Mental health wellbeing and financial wellbeing have become popular strands of some Wellbeing Programmes and enable a visible way of not only providing a framework of support but also, of evidencing to the workforce, the personal and professional commitment to them by the organisation.

What benefits could a Wellbeing Programme provide?

Boost overall company morale and wellness – promoting positive behavioural change and healthy habits at work
Increased staff morale and engagement – specific areas of wellbeing support identified to enable targeted action planning to improve wellbeing at work
Improved productivity and improved job satisfaction – to foster an energetic, collaborative, and cohesive workforce
Improved relationships – offers tools to deal with stress, fatigue, anxiety and other contributors to conflict
Reduced costs – reduced levels of absence, shorter periods of absence, reduced pressure on colleagues providing cover, and supporting litigation avoidance
Reduced stress – improved awareness of ‘stress busting’ techniques and prompts
Improved resilience – in adapting to change and adopting a flexible approach to others
Improved recruitment and staff retention – visibility of corporate commitment to wellbeing, and part of an organisation’s strategy to become an ‘employer of choice’

Are all Wellbeing Programmes the same?

Wellbeing Programmes should be customised to reflect the needs of your organisation and its culture. Common elements include raising awareness around mental health and physical wellbeing; but could also include improving financial wellbeing, understanding intellectual wellbeing needs (such as careers) or identifying community initiatives of particular interest.

Legal compliance

Undoubtedly, the best reason for introducing a Wellbeing Programme is that it’s the ‘right thing to do’ for both the workforce and the effectiveness of the organisation. However, IOM legislative caselaw (particularly, linked to the Employment Act 2006 and the Equality Act 2017) illustrates the increasing need for employers to consider mental health and physical health in the application of policies, procedures and overall health and safety at work.

How our wellbeing services have been value-adding

We have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with our clients to create customised Wellbeing Programmes and initiatives that not only provide the necessary added support for the workforce through improved knowledge and awareness, but also increasing visibility of the commitment of the organisation to its people.

Our value-adding solutions for organisations include:

✓ Creating strategically focused Wellbeing Programmes including creation, implementation, training and coaching to reflect the needs of your organisation and workforce
✓ Creating and implementing client specific Wellbeing Surveys with analyses, recommendations and results presentations
✓ Creating Wellness Action Plans identifying key priorities
✓ Delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing for Line Managers sessions for management and Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness sessions for staff – focussing not only on awareness but also on practical and real solutions in a work environment
✓ Partnering with organisations in the creation of Wellbeing Champions and other internal networks to ensure sustainability of the initiative
Reviewing benefits packages and providing recommendations for improvements within cost parameters
Creating frameworks to support the escalation of mental health and wellbeing issues to ensure your people and managers are supported through more serious wellbeing issues
Updating Staff Handbooks and policies to reflect the organisation’s commitment to wellbeing and a robust approach to the management of wellbeing
✓ Reviewing flexible working policies to reflect business and employee expectations

Our team of qualified HR Consultants are experienced in reviewing an organisation’s HR infrastructure to determine whether it is delivering optimal support and providing value-adding recommendations to support to the attraction, development, engagement and retention of your people.

To discuss your wellbeing support needs, please contact one of the team on 01624 619619 or email

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Client Testimonials

  • “I would highly recommend Gail; her work has been hugely transformational to our business. The last year would have been a lot tougher without the ability to lean on Gail as an extended member of our team.”

    Jamie Lewis – Managing Director, Extra Fancy – May 2022
  • “Mamta clearly demonstrated that the role of a line manager is not simply about; organising work, monitoring work process and budgets but how their role interfaces with the human resources department and the wider organisation. How as a line manager you are empowered to improve employee engagement and motivation using simple techniques and processes such and coaching and motivation. Mamta also took you through the more challenging issues of being a line manager; how these should be initiated, potential red flags and when you should request assistance. As a result of this course I am now more confident to tackle potential issues, have difficult conversations and know that it’s okay not to know the answer….HR are always happy to help.”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Lee Smith, MUA – May 2022
  • “SmartHR offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of HR. The Essential HR for Line Managers sessions deliver a good foundation and practical advice to both new and more experienced managers alike, and Mamta offered expert knowledge and guidance throughout the sessions, no question was too challenging!”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Rachel Leonard, MUA – May 2022
  • “I was really pleased with my greater understanding after attending the Essential HR for Line Managers course. Mamta delivers the course in such a way that empowered me with confidence and I have a better base to face HR situations as they rise. Thanks Mamta.”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Steve Oates, MUA – Apr 2022
  • “The Essential HR for Line Managers sessions have been an excellent introduction to the issues and areas that you will likely have to deal with as a line manager, particularly for sensitive issues which may not be a regular occurrence. Working through example scenarios, and having a starting point for how you could approach these has been a great addition to my personal toolkit for managing my team.”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Chris Ward, MUA – Apr 2022
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