SmartHR helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to understand their organisational culture, action plan and move towards a high performance culture.

Whether you are an established organisation looking to examine your current operating culture, or a newly formed company aiming to define its preferred culture, SmartHR has the global leading assessment tools and know-how to assist you on your journey to success.

We do this through expert knowledge, accredited staff, rigorously tested instruments and practical application.

We work with you by:

  • Quantifiably measuring your current organisational culture
  • Expertly analysing your current culture results
  • Reviewing what factors are shaping your current organisational culture
  • Analysing the outcomes of your current culture and their impact on organisational performance
  • Identifying what your ideal culture looks like
  • Delivering engaging exercises that allow leaders to review their approach to culture
  • Facilitating leadership team analysis of results
  • Highlighting key areas of change your organisation needs to target to improve its effectiveness
  • Action planning what steps your organisation needs to take to transform into a high performance culture

At SmartHR we are proud to be accredited to use the world’s most thoroughly researched and widely used organisational culture assessment tools.  These include:

With over 35 years extensive research, analysis and validation it is no surprise that so many global organisations will only trust these tools to make the necessary informed choices that lead to more sustainable performance.

Further details can be found in our Organisational Culture Solutions brochure:


Organisational culture was first theorised in the 1940’s. In the 1970’s Peter Drucker famously stated that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, but not until the 1980’s did the concept become more widely recognised. Today, ‘culture’ is a word readily associated with organisational success or failure. From boardrooms to the factory floor, employees at all levels are increasingly aware that their organisation has its own culture. This culture will significantly impact their choices, productivity, performance and well-being. To ignore it would be burying one’s head in the sand.

Culture is now one of the leading reasons why staff leave their current role, as well as key reason in attracting new talent. But it’s more than that. Culture is a predictor of success (or failure). The best way to predict the future is to create it. In the long-term, organisations with high performing cultures out-perform their competitors in every demonstrable measurement!

Culture impacts performance:

  • A bad system will always beat a good person. What shapes a bad system?
  • Historic financial performance is a lag indicator. Is there a lead indicator for future performance?
  • What drives innovation and creativity?
  • What encourages and harnesses psychological safety?
  • Why do some teams add up to be greater than the sum of their parts, while others add up to less?
  • What creates teams with a high learning velocity? (how quickly a team improves its performance in a new skill or environment)
  • Why does a team or organisation consistently fail?
  • Talented staff do not wish to waste the prime years of their careers. What do they look for in an organisation to showcase their skills, capabilities and release their potential?
  • Leadership teams are ultimately responsible for their organisations.


Culture is serious business and hope is not a strategy. Culture is not an area that can afford meaningless anecdotes, unvalidated questionnaires, or the latest fad. It requires professional measurement, tangible results, purposeful data and clear action planning. Most of all it requires the ability to improve and drive an organisation’s performance.

SmartHR, in partnership with the global leading instruments, can unlock your organisation’s potential to allow you to achieve the high-performing culture your business needs.

If understanding your culture and shaping your organisation’s future performance is something you take seriously, then please contact one of the team for an informal discussion on how we can help you on 01624 619619 or email

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Client Testimonials

  • “I would highly recommend Gail; her work has been hugely transformational to our business. The last year would have been a lot tougher without the ability to lean on Gail as an extended member of our team.”

    Jamie Lewis – Managing Director, Extra Fancy – May 2022
  • “Mamta clearly demonstrated that the role of a line manager is not simply about; organising work, monitoring work process and budgets but how their role interfaces with the human resources department and the wider organisation. How as a line manager you are empowered to improve employee engagement and motivation using simple techniques and processes such and coaching and motivation. Mamta also took you through the more challenging issues of being a line manager; how these should be initiated, potential red flags and when you should request assistance. As a result of this course I am now more confident to tackle potential issues, have difficult conversations and know that it’s okay not to know the answer….HR are always happy to help.”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Lee Smith, MUA – May 2022
  • “SmartHR offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of HR. The Essential HR for Line Managers sessions deliver a good foundation and practical advice to both new and more experienced managers alike, and Mamta offered expert knowledge and guidance throughout the sessions, no question was too challenging!”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Rachel Leonard, MUA – May 2022
  • “I was really pleased with my greater understanding after attending the Essential HR for Line Managers course. Mamta delivers the course in such a way that empowered me with confidence and I have a better base to face HR situations as they rise. Thanks Mamta.”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Steve Oates, MUA – Apr 2022
  • “The Essential HR for Line Managers sessions have been an excellent introduction to the issues and areas that you will likely have to deal with as a line manager, particularly for sensitive issues which may not be a regular occurrence. Working through example scenarios, and having a starting point for how you could approach these has been a great addition to my personal toolkit for managing my team.”

    Attended Essential HR for Line Managers Development Programme – Chris Ward, MUA – Apr 2022
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